How can drugs and alcohol relapse prevented

Studies reveal that there are many individuals who have promised not to go back to their addictions ever in life but yet in no time have gone back to this fatal habit. Drug and Alcohol relapse is one such fact of life that people who have recovered from addiction have to deal with. The figures of the number of people who slip or relapse vary but it is a known fact that most who try to quit drugs and alcohol in their first attempt fail. Though relapse is not inevitable yet it is frequent. The strategy to interrupt this process of their return to addiction is known as relapse prevention. In here we’ll learn how to naturally pass a drug test.

Five strategies to counteract the causes of relapse

• Decrease tension and stress – An individual who has quit addiction must find a strategy to cope with the tremendous stress of being in recovery and facing the facts of life. If stress is not resolved the attraction to return to addiction may become more.
• Work on isolation and loneliness – Any addiction is known to be a disease that isolates and recovery involves getting connected to people. In order to recover from these addictions an individual needs support from a strong social network and must endeavor to build meaningful relationships.
• Counteracting denial – Most addicts during the process of relapse rationalize returning to their addictions by saying that it is alright. They feel that it will not hurt and become complacent by easing off on the process of active recovery. This many a times becomes fatal for them as they lose their purpose of recovery.
• Work on relationships – Relationships that were hurt during addiction because of harsh words and actions have to be healed. Addiction is often referred to as a family disease and counseling for all who are involved, including the addict is recommended.
• Find purpose in life – During the period of recovery it is important to look at a new career or may be go back to school or opt for volunteer work. One needs to be active and find purpose in life to ward off the appeal of addiction.
If this can be religiously followed and an addict in recovery can apply these simple strategies to his own life, there will surely be a fruitful result and relapse can be prevented.

The goals of recovery

There are two important goals that an addict needs to remember in order to prevent relapse. The first being to develop a life style that is free of drugs and the second is to overcome the symptoms of withdrawal. This can be done by gathering information that will produce useful effects and stay away from every situation that can draw the addict back to his old habits.
Many people have reported about failure in their detoxification because they have not been able to keep away from those situations that remind them of their addictions. Family and friends play a pivotal role in preventing relapse and helping the addict during the recovery phase to chose that which will keep him free of drugs.

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