Why Is A Hair Drug Test Preferred Over Other Drug Tests?

There could be a number of reasons why you might be required to pass hair drug test. If you’re employed, your boss might ask you to undergo a drug test if s/he is concerned about your professional behavioural patterns or habits. If you are a student, the school may organise a random drug test to keep the school campus healthy and drug free. And, if you’re employed by the government, you might have to take regular, pre-planned drug tests on a continuous basis. So whatever you are, there are good chances you might soon face the ordeal of a drug test as the recent drug amendment passed by the government empowers your employers and school authorities to carry out the tests on a legal basis.


If you happen to be habitual drug user, you might want to know how to beat a drug test and test negative in it. You could try out home remedies, but they prove to be ineffective and unreliable most of the times. So it’s recommended you try professional hair drug testing kits like the Supreme Klean Ultra Cleanse Shampoo which can help you mask the drug effects and make you test negative in your drug test.

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It is important to know about certain myths associated with drug testing.

Myths about hair drug tests

  1. Hair drug tests are also know as hair follicle drug tests.
  2. Hair drug testing is much older, even older than urine drug testing. It is one of the most preferred drug testing methods employed by employers and schools.
  3. When drug is ingested, it enters the person’s bloodstream. From then on, the metabolites are transferred to different parts of the body through the blood.
  4. Metabolites can reach the hair follicles, and eventually transfer themselves to the hair in due course of time.
  5. Hair tends to grow at the rate of point five inches every month as per approximations. So, in theory, if you have hair as long as eighteen inches, and the hair ends are to be tested, you could well be tested for drugs consumed about three years ago.
  6. Body hair growth is the same all over. It is not as if the growth is more on the head compared to other body parts.
  7. In a hair test the sample is taken by cutting the hair close to the scalp.
  8. A standard hair follicle test generally covers a period of around 90 days.
  9. In a hair test a two tiered testing approach is used. The sample is treated with an enzyme linked immune-absorbent assay “ELISA”. It is a reliable testing method used for routine hair follicle tests.

Supreme Klean Ultra Cleanse Shampoo

If you’re likely to face a drug test in your place of employment and you’re certain a hair testing method is likely to be used, you would be thinking about ways how to pass a hair sample drug test and try experimenting with a few home remedies. People often feel home remedies offer cost effective solutions regarding how to pass a hair follicle drug test but in fact, they do not guarantee positive results in a drug test. The Supreme Klean Ultra Cleanse Shampoo is a proven drug masking product, and when it comes to undergoing a hair test at your place of work or in school, no other product can compete with the Ultra Cleanse Shampoo. If you are searching for how to pass a drug test in 2 days or even less, the shampoo is best recommended for you.

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