Things You Should Know to Pass Hair Drug Test

Among all the drug tests carried out on a person the hair drug test is the most advanced as well as most complicated. They give near accurate results and that is why they are preferred by employers who desire to test their prospective or new employees. So; how to pass a hair sample drug test?
A hair sample drug test is perhaps the most complex and advanced type of drug test carried out on anyone to find traces of drugs in his or her anatomy. They are preferred because they give near accurate results and test administrators find it convenient for their purpose. Moreover, hair follicles retain drug traces far longer than any other part of the anatomy and often it stays at the root of the hair follicles for more than 30 days and in many cases 90 days. Moreover, in some cases it has been found that the traces remain there even for a year or so. That is why the ways to pass hair drug test becomes a major question for most of the people facing the test.

Features of Hair Drug Test

Followings are the features of hair drug test.

• The results give greater accuracy in comparison to other types of drug tests like urine, blood, saliva, and fingernails.
• Hair drug test can detect both prescription drugs and medications on one hand and weeds and other consumables on the other.
• Passing the test is therefore difficult in comparison to all other drug tests.

Safe and Secure Ways to Pass

What the prospective candidate requires is safe and secure way to pass the hair drug test. Some people suggest home remedies like use of vinegar or herbal shampoos to cleanse the hair follicles of drug traces. However these methods may not work well because they are usually unable to cleanse the roots of the hair follicles. These roots cannot be effectively cleaned using the home remedies. Instead it is required to use some quality products offered by reliable providers of detoxifying items like Supreme Klean Ultra Cleanse Shampoo, or other Supreme Klean Detox products that will keep the hair not only on the head but of the entire anatomy free of drug traces.

How Hair Drug Test is Conducted

Why are home remedies not suitable for cleansing the hair follicles? There are numerous reasons for this and one needs to understand how the hair drug test is conducted. Process of radioimmunoassay is used for the hair drug test as the method for primary detection of drugs and thereafter it is followed by confirmation using the mass spectrometry.

Like most of the drug testing hair drug testing laboratories are also regulated by CLIA or Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988. Some of them are also regulated by the SAMHSA or Substance Abuse and Mental health Services Administrations as well as the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. Every hair follicle drug test has to conform to the guidelines issued by these authorities and the candidates need to pass the test also in conformity with the law of the land.

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