Most Effective Hair Detox Shampoos to Pass Hair Drug Test

Drug tests have become more difficult to pass over the years as tests have become more sophisticated. Instead of using urinalysis drug tests that are easy to tamper with and don’t detect drugs in the system for long periods of time, the use of hair follicle drug tests is increasing. Hair drug tests are able to detect drug use for up to 3 months, so they give a look into chronic drug use. Also, hair tests are difficult to alter and are much more difficult to pass than urine drug screens.

Despite the accuracy and long range detection of drugs in hair follicle drug screens, there are various hair detox shampoos available that can help you remove drugs from hair in order to pass a test. You must follow the directions of the hair follicle detox shampoos along with the the specifics of your drug use to find how many times to wash your hair to get it clean.

The following shampoos are made to work for all drug users, regardless of the type of drugs used or the amount used.



Nexxus Aloe Rid Old Formula ShampooNexxus Aloe Rid®

This shampoo is the original staple to be used with Mike’s Macujo Method. It is a deep cleansing formula that works to get rid of drugs from your hair that should be used prior to your hair test for drugs. Each five ounce bottle of the original Nexxus Aloe Rid® has up to 15 washes and is safe enough for everyday use.


Macujo Aloe Rid ShampooMacujo Aloe Rid®

Featuring an even higher Propylene Glycol content, the Macujo Aloe Rid® is even stronger than the original Nexxus version. This detoxification shampoo also carries a lower price tag and is six ounces instead of five, to give you more for your money. It is also safe for daily use before your drug test and is a great gentle clarifying shampoo that will thoroughly clean your hair.


Zydot Ultra Clean ShampooZydot Ultra Clean Shampoo

Containing aloe vera, this shampoo deep cleans your hair while also conditioning it. This shampoo is to be used ONLY on the day of your hair test. While this shampoo does effectively help to clean your hair, it is not strong enough to do so on its own. While Jerry G Method says to use this shampoo on its own, Mike’s Macujo Method recommends that this shampoo be used in addition to original Nexxus Aloe Rid® or Macujo Aloe Rid®.

It is important to watch out for fake products because they will not help you pass drug tests. The hair detox treatment products listed above are proven to be effective by thousands of positive Mike’s Macujo Method reviews.  To pass hair follicle test mac method, you need to be sure you are using these high quality products as directed.


Supreme Klean Ultra Cleanse Hair Detox ShampooSupreme Klean Ultra Cleanse Shampoo

For an easy-to-use, affordable shampoo, the Supreme Klean Ultra will help you get rid of drugs from your hair. This shampoo helps remove illicit drugs from hair for all users, but it’s recommended that you use this with the Nexxus or Macujo Aloe shampoo to ensure its effectiveness.




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